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Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico

The Idaho Tree-Ring Lab (ITRL) is an established research unit within the Department of Geography at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID.


I am always interested in working with motivated students. If you are an undergraduate student or a potential graduate student interested in joining the lab, please send me an email: gharley(at)


What to expect...

I expect my students to work hard, be creative, and have a desire to learn on a daily basis. I encourage my graduate students to write and submit grant proposals; however, both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to publish in peer-reviewed journals, present research at scientific meetings, and most importantly, have fun.


In return, you can expect me to always be accessible. I’m a firm believer that all of us are smarter than any one of us. I hold weekly lab meetings; we’ll come together around the lab conference table and discuss everyone’s research progress and efforts during the week. 

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